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Shenzhen Mynice Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of LED lighting modules for light advertising and backlighting

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  • Phone: +86-755-29572379
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    2th Floor, Tongfuyu Industrial Zone, Aiqun Road, Shiyan, Baoan, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
Mynice Optoelectronics is one of the leading manufacturers of LED signage lighting modules in China. With well over 10 years of experience in the LED signage lighting industry, Mynice remains committed to providing creative, reliable, low cost and energy efficient lighting solutions that deliver a lasting impression on its customers' brands and businesses. Mynice is taking LED lighting beyond illumination with connected lighting innovations for light advertising and backlighting, highlighting architectural lines and edges, and creating the perfect atmosphere with attractively illuminated images.

With over 15,000 square meters of manufacturing space with cleanroom environment, Mynice is not simply an in-house LED assembler, instead it's a vertically integrated manufacturer with full-blown engineering and fabrication capabilities. All developing and manufacturing processes, including LED module packaging, optics, thermal management, power supplies, control systems and final assembly, are carried in the ISO 9001 compliant facility. Equipped with highly automated assembly systems which're operated a skilled and experienced workforce, Mynice boasts of industry-leading production capacities - 10 million epoxy LED modules, 1 million injection LED modules, 500,000 meters of flexible LED light strips, and 300,000 rigid LED light bars each month.

Mynice's LED sign modules and light strips blend the benefits of LEDs with proprietary secondary packaging systems. The large selection of single-color, RGB LED modules enable virtually limitless signage applications for indoor and outdoor lighting. They provide exceptional durability, design flexibility and high return on investment (ROI) in addition to inherent energy-efficiency and minimal maintenance requirements. All Mynice's LED products use only well-known brand LED chips, e.g., from Nichia, CREE, Osram, Samsung, Epistar and San'an. Its unique batwing light distribution technology significantly reduces the module counts in a typical installation by as high as 70 percent when compared with other manufacturers. Mynice's LED sign modules feature true IP68-rated water resistance with additional two layers of waterproofing protection. Mynice's LED sign modules offer improved design flexibility and easier job site installation with a serial connection of up to 150 modules without experiencing voltage drop.

Mynice is committed to providing you with a highly focused portfolio of LED Lighting products at the highest level of quality and performance in the industry. A team of 50+ highly qualified engineers are working at the cutting edge of LED applications, to ensure its products are flawlessly engineered. The sophisticated testing facilities ensures that all of the finished products are thoroughly tested for full compliance with the international industry standards. Mynice holds certifications and qualifications in ENEC, LM-80, CE, FCC, UL, and RoHS, etc.
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